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Customer Service Questionnaire

Thank you for taking time to complete this questionnaire.
Please answer all that apply.

Office Location:                                                       Date of Service:
1. Was this your first visit to Co/op Optical Vision Designs?
a. [Yes] How did you hear about Co/op Optical Vision Designs?
b. [No] How long have you been one of our valued customers?
2.  What type of service did you receive during your visit?
a. [Exam] 1. Do you consider the exam to be thorough and complete?
2. Did the doctor explain the results?
  3. Were you satisfied with the doctor's examination?
b. [Frame] 1. Were you satisfied with the selection?
2. Did you receive assistance  from a staff member when selecting your frame?
  3. Do you prefer name brand or designer eyewear?
c. [Lenses] 1. Were the various lens product options explained to you by a staff member or doctor?
  In what amount of time do you feel you should receive your glasses once your custom order has been placed?
d. [Contact Lenses] 1. What is your brand name or type?
  2. Did you receive instructions on the wearing and maintenance of your contact lenses?
  3. Have you or would you purchase contact lenses online?
e. [Repair] 1. Did you come in for a repair or replacement of an optical product?
3. Overall, was the quality of the product:
4. Have you priced other optical companies?
5. Were our prices reasonable and competitive?
6. Was our staff courteous?
7. Promptness of service was:
8. Would you recommend us to someone else?
9. Are you aware of our Customer Service email?
10. What is your preferred time of appointment?
11. Any Additional Comments?
City, State, Zip:

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